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How To Get The Best Gig Experience

Regardless of your musical preferences or tastes, gigs are always popular ways for fans to watch their favourite acts perform. Gigs offer people a unique opportunity to experience their favourite artists in a new way, but unfortunately not all gig experiences are good ones. To make sure you get the best gig experience possible there are a number of things which you need to consider:

1. The Venue

Not all gig experiences are made unpleasant because of the acts or performances. More often than not, gigs are viewed negatively due to the venue or even the fellow attendees. When selecting a gig it is therefore important that individuals consider where the performers are playing. Whilst choosing a venue close to home may be a priority for some it may not always offer the best experience. Make sure that you select a venue which has a positive reputation and consider travelling further afield – that way you can turn a simple gig into a full night out or even a weekend away.

2. The Artist

Of course, whilst the venue may be responsible for sound difficulties or other problems, many people find that some of their favourite artists do not live up to expectations when on the stage. There is nothing worse for an infatuated fan than to see their favourite performer stumble around on stage, failing to string any audibly clear notes or chords together. To make sure that you aren’t disappointed when attending a gig always take a look at gig reviews or a gig guide. This will give informative advice on performances, helping you to make the best decision.

3. The Support

Most gigs will feature a number of bands or artists, with the headline act supported by one or two “warm-up” acts. Sometimes these bands can be more impressive than the main band and attending a gig which offers a good combination of acts could see you get a better experience for less. Looking at the gig listings for venues will help you to see exactly who is playing and therefore allow you to find the best gig.

4. The Timing

Another important consideration; gigs can be put on at different days and times meaning that people may need to book time off or make special arrangements to attend. It is vitally important that this is considered beforehand and individuals should always select the best option for them. Travelling back home late at night following a gig just to get up early the next morning for work will never be a pleasant experience. It may therefore be worthwhile booking a hotel in the local area and booking an extra day off work, giving you the best possible experience.

5. The Cost

Of course, the cost is something which will always affect people’s opinions of gigs. To make sure that you get the best value for money consider attending events which offer people the chance to see a greater amount of bands or artists. This will give you more value for money and hopefully give you a more positive experience