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AAC Eurovent

AAC Eurovent

Unit K, Maybrook Industrial Estate, Maybrook Road,
West Midlands,


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About AAC Eurovent

AAC Eurovent are UK leaders in air and liquid phase filtration technology. With decades of research and development, AAC Eurovent have been able to develop the most functional and practical technologies within the carbon filtration industry.

AAC Eurovent have a well-rounded selection of carbon filtration products available which have been trusted by the UK people for decades. Not only this, but they also offer maintenance services, including a full carbon replacement in your current carbon filter system. 

All said, AAC Eurovent are relied on daily by people in various locations for a range of filtration and ventilation products and services.

Having spent decades revolutionising the industry, AAC Eurovent are excited to continue doing so for many more decades.

Products / Services

Carbon Filter

- Filtration - Air Filtration - Liquid Phase Filtration - Activated Carbon

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