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About Heating

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About About Heating

About Heating provides a wide range of top-quality heating products for both the home and the workplace. The company was specifically set up with the aim of distributing the market-leading products of Atlantic, Olsberg and Maxa throughout the UK, allowing British consumers to benefit from their chic designs and innovative design.

Panel Heaters: About Heating stocks a number of products from the widely-praised Atlantic range of direct electric panel heaters. Products available include the Nirvana and Solius convectors, the Galapagos oil-filled sealed radiator and the F18 and F117 radiators, all of which are ideally-suited to offering energy-efficient warmth in the home.

Bathroom Heaters: About Heating’s range of Atlantic heaters offer both warmth and style for the bathroom. All units are direct electric bathroom heaters, ranging from single bar towel racks to tall, vertical, wall-mounted units.

Heat Pumps: About Heating is a UK supplier of the Maxa self-contained all-in-one heat pump. Thanks to its unique design, the heat pump uses around one third of the energy a standard heater requires, making it a cost-effective and environmentally sustainable way of heating a room in the home or the office. As well as heating in cold weather, the Maxa heat pump can also cool a room in summer.

Storage Heaters: Olsberg storage heating offer chic continental design with extra-efficiency. About Heating stocks a wide range of Olsberg units, from the simple Astrid model right through to the more sophisticated, fully-automated Century and Monatana models.

About Heating also provides a free of charge heating design service to the industry. Get in touch to learn more about this service and to browse the wide range of heating and cooling solutions available.

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