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ACE UK | American Catering Equipment

ACE UK | American Catering Equipment

5 Chantry Court, Sovereign Way,


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About ACE UK | American Catering Equipment

ACE UK have become recognised for selling an excellent range of American catering equipment to restaurants, hotels and other commercial kitchens across the UK. Offering an excellent range of stainless-steel catering equipment, including stainless steel tables in the UK, they offer the ideal option for anyone seeking catering equipment with lasting quality at competitive prices.

For any business seeking stainless-steel catering sinks for their commercial kitchen, ACE UK offering a stellar range of catering equipment, including an excellent catering sinks UK range. Providing a combination of excellent prices and durable quality, their industrial stainless-steel sink UK options and range of other sinks are the ideal choice for many catering spaces.


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