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Bartercard UK

Bartercard UK

Churchill House, 1 London Road,


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About Bartercard UK

Bartercard UK offers a business to business barter Trade Exchange service to over 4,000 members throughout the UK. The company, which is based in Slough, was established in 1996 and has over 16 years of experience in the computerised Barter network.

Current members offer over 10,000 different products and services; new members will gain access to the continuously growing network.

Bartercard is unlike any other credit or debit card because it allows you to exchange your services or products whilst preserving your all important cash resources. Bartercard transactions have the greater benefit of giving your business an interest free line of credit using your trade currency instead of a cash outlay; making your business more profitable.
Becoming a Bartercard member opens up previously unavailable paths of new contacts and customers, in turn nurturing new referrals and growing sales within your business; this extensive business network is promoted and managed by the Bartercard Team. 

The firm offers access to a variety of tradeable products and services to members, which can be exchanged amongst members to allow the preservation of cash resources at any given time. With the bartering service, the business also has expert representatives and trade co-ordinators helping members to make best use of their interest free line of credit.


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