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Brierley Coil Tinning

Brierley Coil Tinning

Westmoor Street,


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About Brierley Coil Tinning

Brierley Coatings are specialists in Hot Dip Tinning throughout Europe & worldwide. Brierley Coil Tinning is a world-renowned provider of tin-coating services, for a variety of metal strip, including Copper, Brass, Phosphor Bronze, Steel and Stainless Steel.

For any further details in relation to our services please contact us on 0208 305 9705. Alternatively, for email enquiries contact us at 

Our worldwide customer base includes manufacturers from the Electrical and Engineering industry. 

Our low minimum order quantities and short lead times allow our customers to be more flexible and competitive. 

We are able to vary the coating thickness to your requirements, as well as the type of coating, the most common being Pure Tin or 60/40 Tin/Lead.

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