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Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors

Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors

St Hughes House Stanley Road,
United Kingdom,

L20 3AZ

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About Caddick Davies Motoring Solicitors

For anyone seeking a motoring solicitor who can successfully defend their motoring charge, Caddick Davies are a leading choice. Offering a strong track record in motoring courts across England and Wales, their motor lawyers can guide you through every stage of your claim. Finding a trusted motoring lawyer is a key part of any motoring charge defence, with Caddick Davies available today.

Through their team of highly-skilled and experienced speeding solicitors, Caddick Davies are the ideal option for anyone seeking a trusted solicitor for speeding offences. Their team of speeding lawyers are respected in motoring courts around the country, so contact them today and one of their speeding offence solicitors will provide you with the legal guidance you need.


For anyone in need of a drink driving solicitor, Caddick Davies provide trusted legal guidance to those who may have mitigating circumstances in their case. Finding the right drink driving lawyer is a key factor in exploring how to defend a drink driving charge, with the drink driving solicitors at Caddick Davies offering a strong track record in representing such cases.

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