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CEC Global Communications

CEC Global Communications

27 Castle Street,
United Kingdom,

CT16 1PT

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About CEC Global Communications

Founded in 2012 and with offices in the UK and Russia, CEC is a strategic communications and facilation company specialised in international corporate & strategic communications, the energy, security, space & technology sectors as well as HNI and trade facilitation for clients in the UK, Europe, North America, Russia and wider CIS.

With representatives in Moscow, Berlin, London, Vladivostok, Hong Kong, Nigeria, Edmonton and Minsk as well as a discreet yet wide-reaching global network - CEC is headquartered in the United Kingdom and keen to act as a partner to international organisations, companies and family offices looking to trade in a changing world.

CEC comprises a wide range of senior government, corporate, security and other leading stakeholders across the UK, Europe, Canada, Mexico, United States, Russia, Belarus / CIS and further afield.

Our work, clients and network are both discreet and at a highly senior stakeholder level - we work to our client brief and enjoy unrivalled access to a range of jurisdictions, countries and industries.

Cobb Energy Communications was renamed CEC as part of our 2020 re-brand.


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