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China CNC Precision Machining

China CNC Precision Machining

5 Ennerdale Drive,


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About China CNC Precision Machining

Located in Preston, Lancashire, at China CNC Precision Machining we provide one-stop Precision Machining Services with Chinese Suppliers manufacturing metal, aluminium, brass and plastic components, for the Automotive, Medical, Marine and Electrical Industries.  We provide CNC Milling and CNC turning including 5 axis machining. 

Most of our work is shipped DHL and therefore deliveries are comparable to UK deliveries.  Most of our suppliers are located in Guangdong, Southern China, ideal for shipping goods through HongKong quickly. 

We really believe that no project is too small or large to handle, including prototype work.


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North West Chamber of Commerce.

Products / Services

Precision Engineering

- CNC Turning - CNC Milling - CNC Aluminium - Turned Parts Manufacturer

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