Latest Educational Software Companies Listings

East London College

East London College - Ilford


East London College is a highly respected centre for quality education and training that offers a diverse range of professional and academic qualifications ranging from undergraduate to post graduate studies. East London College has undergone a review for educational oversight by the Quality Assura...

TASC Software Solutions Ltd

TASC Software Solutions Ltd - Wolverhampton


Established in 1991, TASC Software Solutions Ltd specialise in developing pupil data management software solutions for schools and LAs. Our software products help achieve school improvement and raise pupil attainment by managing pupil data effectively in many areas. PARS Connect is a web...


ROBOLAB-online - Kettering


ROBOLAB-online is an online virtualisation of the LEGO Robolab RCX brick. The site allows any student with access to a computer to learn the theory of Robolab and the practicalities of how the yellow RCX brick works to meet requirements for systems & control in the ICT syllabus. Why Subscribe t...