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DevCycle Ltd

DevCycle Ltd

4 Otterington,
United Kingdom,

NE38 8TE

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About DevCycle Ltd

DevCycle is an IT consultancy with thirty years of Architecture and Software Development experience. We also have over twenty years of Lean and Agile coaching experience.

We work across a number of industries, with the particular aim of supplying systems which apply appropriate development tools and techniques to solve critical business problems.

We couple this hands-on analytical and technology work with consultancy expertise, with a particular emphasis on helping clients to form practical data strategies and build their internal capacity to gain insights from data.

DevCycle specialises in providing consultancy to solve problems clients are experiencing in developing bespoke software, software architecture and data engineering. We take a holistic approach to software consultancy and consider software technology, development process and any social engineering of an organisation that may be required.

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