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Direct Adhesives Limited

Direct Adhesives Limited

Unit 15,
Chartmoor Road,


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About Direct Adhesives Limited

Direct Adhesives supply hot melt adhesives, hot glue guns and glue sticks under the brand Tec and Tecbond.  We also supply Henkel industrial adhesives into the packaging and graphic arts industries.  For over twenty years, our customers have been benefitting from our knowledge of adhesives and we work closely with them, machine manufacturers and material suppliers to provide a complete service.

We have an extensive product range stocked in the UK in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire and have manufacturing facilities in Coventry.

In addition to adhesives, we can supply a comprehensive range of adhesive cleaners and flusing agents for hot melt adhesives and PUR products.  We stock Frekote release coatings which make clean up much easier nad extends the life of machine parts.

Direct Adhesives are UK Sales and Service partner for Timmer Pumps GmbH.

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