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A Special Kind of Comedy Club Making Everyone Laugh

Do you enjoy laughing? Do you enjoy drinking? Do you enjoy having weekends off from work? Well, if you don’t like at least two out of these three things, you’re probably not a very happy-go-lucky individual to begin with. For the rest of us normal folk, there is a new breed of Comedy Clubs taking over the UK that allow us to make the most of our precious weekend time.

Chances are you have a trusted weekend routine; whether you’re the type who enjoys a pretty mellow night out at the pub with your friends, staying in and having a glass of wine with your significant other in front of the TV or having all-nighters at clubs, it’s time to break out and try something different by visiting a comedy venue near you for a proper night out.

Now, you may have your doubts about comedy clubs in Britain. Perhaps you’ve tried visiting one before and have had a bad experience in which you and your mates have been faced with a comedian that just isn’t all that comedic. In fact, sometimes these nights just tend to be more awkward audience silence than anything!

However, there is a new guy in town that’s aiming to change the way we think of comedy clubs and how we experience a stand up show in the UK.

Enter highlight, a company that launched last year and has since set up ten distinct clubs around the country. So, whether you’re looking to see what comedy Birmingham has to offer, looking for comedy tickets in the big smoke or trying to find a laugh up north in Leeds, you’ll find a unique venue waiting for you.

Highlight clubs are different from other comedy venues in a number of ways. For starters, they take their recruitment seriously and aim to provide only the best comedic talent the UK has to offer. This means that you’ll never have to worry about going and having a night where you’ll be nothing less than amused.

However, there is much more to be found in your local highlight club than just comedy. You can begin your night by filling up your tum with a great selection of classic pub grub. You’ll find favourites like burgers, pizza, nachos and more are all available for your enjoyment. And of course, everyone knows that this food goes down best with a pint of your favourite ale or lager!

Laughs and food aside, perhaps what makes these clubs so unique is the fact that once the show is over, they completely transform themselves into dance venues that stay open into the early hours of morning.

Now, there are many benefits to being able to stick around after the show. First of all, it’s a convenient way to continue your night without having to take the time to travel and find another bar to go to. Best of all, though, you’ll be in the company of like-minded people who enjoy a good laugh. And if you happened to have seen a rather attractive individual in the crowd, you’ll have a chance to gain some liquid courage and have a chat!

If you’re located up in Scotland, you’ll find that the highlight venue is one of the best Comedy Clubs Edinburgh has to offer. Now, the Scottish are known to have a great sense of humour, so even if you’re not from the area and are visiting this capital city, it’s definitely worth a visit.

Aside from venues in Leeds, Edinburgh and Birmingham, you’ll also find that there are clubs in Camden, Watford, Glasgow, Clapham, Leicester, Portsmouth and Reading.

While each club offers a unique experience, perhaps two of the most standout venues include those in Camden and Portsmouth.

Anyone who has ever been to Camden knows it is one of the coolest, quirkiest places in London. With endless markets, bars and a slew of interesting characters wandering the streets, it’s safe to say you’ll never get bored in this area. It’s easy to spend a full day in this eccentric part of London and best of all you’ll find that highlight’s venue is set up directly in the middle of all the market action.

Moving along, the Portsmouth venue is also particularly special as it is located just on the waterfront where you can take in fantastic views. Additionally, this large venue seats over 400 people for comedic performances, yet has the capacity to hold over 700 funny people!

If you’re interested to see what’s on at your local venue, you can always visit highlight’s website where you will be able to see upcoming event listings for all the shows at each venue. Furthermore, you can also buy your tickets in advance directly on the website.

As tickets do tend to sell out rather quickly, it’s a good idea to avoid disappointment and purchase them early on. Furthermore, if you’re looking to bring a large group of people or hire an area for a special celebration, you’ll find that the staff at each highlight venue will be happy to work with you and accommodate all of your needs.

Now, it would be great if life was just weekend time, but unfortunately, most of us only get two nights a week in which we don’t have to worry about waking up early the next morning for work. For this reason, it’s very important to make the most of our time away from the office and simply remember how to have fun and enjoy ourselves with friends.

Highlight is doing its part to change the face of comedy, so why not give it a chance and see what all the fuss is about? Treat yourself to a good night with laughter, drinks and dancing by booking tickets for you and your mates today for the next show at your local highlight club.