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Focus Venue Finders

Focus Venue Finders

12 Preston Way,

BH23 4QT

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About Focus Venue Finders

Ever wished you could just hand over all the work involved in finding a venue or organising a conference?

Do you need to find a conference venue for 500 or a meeting room for 2?

Do you find yourself spending time out of your day answering questions about the event you have booked?

Sounds like you could use the help of a Conference Venue Finder.

We find you the venue free of charge.

We’ve been creating top-level conferences and events for over 21 years with clients from all industries.


My years working in the hospitality industry has given me an insight into the problems and challenges you face when booking a company event.

That’s why I started Focus Venue Finders. With over 21 years in the industry, we have booked just about every type of conference, meeting and event for Clients.

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