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About GBGC

GBGC is the most trusted gambling consultancy that covers wide range of gambling activities like sports betting, casino, gaming machines and lotteries. For many years it has developed wide ranging gambling and business services that it provides to its client to help them operate successfully in the gambling field.

GBGC provides practical and insightful consultancy, data and market reports for the global gambling industry. GBGC’s consultancy and advice is based on more than 50 years’ experience in different areas of the gambling sector.

GBGC covers the whole spectrum of gambling activities – sports betting, casino, gaming machines, bingo, and lotteries – in both their traditional, land-based forms and online/mobile versions.

Since 1998 GBGC has worked with clients on every continent, helping governments develop their gambling policy, advising companies of all sizes on their strategy, and assisting investment banks and private equity with due diligence work.

GBGC also publishes the comprehensive Global Gambling Report – essential reading for gambling industry executives.

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