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Hytec Horticultutre Ltd

Hytec Horticultutre Ltd

Old Wales Wood Colliery, Mansfield Road,
South Yorkshire,

S26 5PQ

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About Hytec Horticultutre Ltd

Supplying the finest Hydroponic and Horticulture products from all the major international manufacturers - Hytec Hydroponics provide all the Hydroponics equipment required for both the beginner and experienced hydroponic grower, no gimmicks or gadgets only track proven quality equipment.

Our wide range of leading products include items such as grow tents, grow lights, grow systems, environmental control, grow nutrients, additives and accessories.

Our vendors include Nutriculture, Maxi bright, Vita link, Grodan, Canna, Atami, Growers Ark, Advanced Nutrients, Dutch Master, Hydrogarden, IWS, GHE, Powerplant, Growth Technology, Bluelab, Ecotechnics, SMS, Essentials and many more from around the globe. Visit our webite for more information.

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