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Intershape Ltd

Intershape Ltd

Michaelmas House, Royal Oak Way North,

NN11 8PQ

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About Intershape Ltd

Intershape Ltd supplies good quality, competitively priced equipment direct to farmers across the UK and Ireland.  Our products help dairy farmers keep their cows healthy and productive to maximise yields and profits and include:

Calf hutches from Calf-Tel which provide optimum living conditions for calves, eliminating pneumonia and scours and reducing vets bills and mortality rates.

Rubber cow matting for all concrete areas of the dairy barn improving cow comfort, hygiene and safety and reducing lameness.

Cow mattresses and cubicles for dairy barns to increase the time cows lie down and so improve yields.

LED lights and fans which can be used by all livestock farmers to improve the environment in their barns to increase comfort and productivity.

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