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Lease Loop

26 Wittingham Close, Hadley,


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About Lease Loop

Lease Loop is an Apple product leasing company based in the UK. We provide high quality leasing services for a variety of businesses. Our expert team specialises in computers, laptops and business equipment leasing. Some of our most popular lease options include iMac, Mac Pro and Macbook Pro. 

Lease Loop was created with the idea to make leasing an Apple product for businesses a real alternative to buying. We deliver leasing options that make computer and laptop equipment affordable and attractive for your office.

Moreover, we also provide a support option that reflects the needs of the modern business. To do so, we bundle Applecare with all of our products. This means our customers can get access to 24/7 telephone support with Apple Technicians on any OS X issue should they occur.

With an average off-site repair of 7-10 working days, Lease Loop wants to make sure our customers remain up and running even when if their Mac isn’t. That’s why all of our leasing options come with a temporary loan machine as standard.

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