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Livery Dole

Livery Dole

18 Trusham Road, Marshbarton,


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    01392 215 141

About Livery Dole

Livery Dole is an established Mitsubishi and car dealership based in Devon, UK. Managed by a team of directors and staff; they have been experienced in the trade since 1923 and offer a wide variety of Mitsubishi vehicles to the South West, Cornwall and Exeter region. As well as vehicles, they also deal car parts and accessories.

The team at Livery Dole want to make your experience as a customer worthwhile and hope to be as helpful as possible. Livery Dole are passionate about the work they do and are fully dedicated to their customers. Please get in touch today, they are always pleased to hear from customers whether they are happy or dissatisfied.

Mitsubishi cars are known for their performance and reliability in the same way that the team at Livery Dole are noted for excellent customer service. Livery Dole always do their best to resolve any queries. Contact us today.

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