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London Piano Institute

London Piano Institute

49-51 Shoe Lane,
City of London,


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About London Piano Institute

The London Piano Institute is London's premier private piano school, offering classes for adults of all ages and abilities.

Founded by the multi-award-winning Celine Gaurier-Joubert, the aim was to create the number one place in Europe for adults who are passionate about learning to play the piano. With this aim in mind, under the guidance of world-class instructors, all students are helped to become the pianist they have always wanted to be.

The Institute offers a wide range of courses, for everyone from absolute beginners to advanced pianists. Whatever your level, you are guaranteed:

  • Expert input from leading instructors on a weekly basis
  • Lessons tailored to meet your specific needs and abilities
  • Classes of 30, 60 or 90 minutes, at least once a week, just a short walk from Liverpool Street Station in Central London
  • To enjoy rapid growth in your development; after just a few months at the London Piano Institute, you should really be able to see a notable difference

To help further students' learning, the Institute also hosts regular musical evenings, including formal concerts and recitals as well as more informal social evenings. Plus, they offer pianos to hire by the week, month or year to enable students to further their development at home.

Remember, you have a 90 per cent chance of failure if you study with the wrong piano teacher, so be sure to learn with the best! Visit the London Piano Website for more information or get in touch for an informal chat about your musical goals. 

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