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N J Grimes Purchasing Services Ltd

N J Grimes Purchasing Services Ltd

32 Wentworth Drive,


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About N J Grimes Purchasing Services Ltd

Ever since it was founded in 2004, N J Grimes Purchasing Ltd has worked with hundreds of leading brands to help them cut costs in the most effective way for their business. While the amount fluctuates- the typical reduction is 23%, though it's sometimes as high as 47%- they consistently score in terms of the accuracy and quality of their work. Major areas they focus on include uniform, stationery, accommodation and waste disposal- all enormous sources of lost revenue if not handled properly.

They'll meet with the client and discuss their findings thoroughly. The client is in charge of the process throughout; N J Grimes guarantees the minimum of disruption.

If you believe in doing the right thing by your business, get in touch with NJ Grimes Purchasing Services Ltd today.


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