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National Tyres and Autocare  - Ealing

National Tyres and Autocare - Ealing

92-96 St Mary's Road,

W5 5EX

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About National Tyres and Autocare - Ealing


National Tyres also offers free visual safety checks, giving you the chance to have specially-trained mechanics assess the roadworthiness of your vehicle before it is submitted for an MOT. Both MOT tests and free visual safety checks can be booked online, through the National Tyres website.


Mechanics will also be happy out a free battery check and advise you on the best type of battery for you, according to the make, age and condition of your car.


National Tyres and Autocare's mechanics fit around 100,000 exhausts a year, providing customers with a fast, reliable service.

Oil and Filter Changes

Manufacturers recommend changing a car's oil and engine filter every 6,000 miles, with a change especially important if a car has done either a large amount of mileage or has been relatively idle and only has a few miles on the clock.


National Tyres also offer free visual inspections, including visual brake checks. So, if your brakes are showing the signs of being worn down, for instance if they feel too hard or spongy or if your car is pulling to one side when you apply them, then book an appointment for a free inspection today.


Friendly and efficient staff in every National Tyre branch will be able to find the right tyre for your car or suggest a suitable alternative.

At National Tyres Ealing, our service is one we are proud of, so come visit us the next time your vehicle needs some tyre care.

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- Exhausts - Brakes - MOT - Shock Absorbers - Wheel Alignment - Oil Change & Filter Service - Alloy Wheel Sets

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