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Network Rail

Network Rail

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About Network Rail

Network Rail is the name given to the Network Rail Ltd group of companies. Within the UK, the most prominent of these companies is Network Rail Infrastructure (formerly railtrack and now generally known simply as Network Rail), which is the owner and operator of most of the railway infrastructure – including tracks and stations – across Great Britain.

The company took over the ownership of the national rail infrastructure in 2002. Since then, it has overseen a number of major projects, including upgrading stations and repairing and maintaining sections of track. As of 2012, the company’s network includes 20,000 miles of track, 40,000 bridges and tunnels, a significant proportion of London Underground track and more than 2,5000 overground railways stations – though it only manages 17 of the biggest and busiest, the rest being managed by train operating companies. However, Network Rail does not run passenger or freight train services.

Though a private, limited company, Network Rail does not out dividends; instead profits are re-invested in the rail infrastructure. As well as being accountable to commercial train operators, it is also accountable to the British public, with the public interest represented through the Office of Rail Regulation.

Network Rail employs thousands of workers across the UK, including many at its headquarters in London and Milton Keynes. Graduates, for example, can join as engineers, project managers or even trainee station managers.

Member Association(s)

Regulated by the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR)

Part of the Railway Industry Planning Group (RIPG)

Business Awards

HR Excellent Awards 2012: Most Effective Recruitment and Retention

National Rail Awards 2011: Best Rail Project

Civil Engineering Achievement of the Year

Business Cahrity Awards 2012: Charity Campaign of the Year

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