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About payasUgym

From a simple conversation that went a bit like this, was born. We felt that going to the gym was a bit of a hassle and even though we knew we needed to get fit there just seemed to be so many things in the way! Joining fees, inductions, enthusiastic sales people…the list goes on.

So our idea was that if we could make the gym a bit more, well…convenient really, then more people would do it more often.

payasUgym is a website that gives you complete control of your fitness so that you only ever pay for what you use.

There are loads of options available including discounted day passes, short term packages, annual memberships, personal training, swimming, Pilates etc. and there are literally hundreds of gyms to choose from all over the UK.

So it doesn't matter if you prefer to workout in a quiet, basic gym near work or if you prefer a luxury health club at the weekend near home.

We have it all covered so that you will never get tired of the gym again.

You can mix and match as much as you like and only ever pay for what you want to use.

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