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Piano lessons London by WKMT

Piano lessons London by WKMT

40 Kensington Hall Gradens, Beaumont Avenue,
Beaumont Avenue,

W14 9LT

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About Piano lessons London by WKMT

Piano lessons London by WKMT - WKMT is a piano practice established in London since 2010. The core of its approach relies on a multidimensional study plan. WKMT works its piano tuition approach based on what a piano student needs to develop to become: a professional pianist, a music teacher or a music connoisseur. The same training is required to produce any of these three results. 

The lessons constitute 70% of our tuition approach. The gaining-of-perspective is encouraged via allowing students to assist collegiate concerts. These event instances are meant to provide students with the opportunity to see professionals in action. By going together to watch shows together, students find easy to discuss with each other about the performance they've just heard.

The last element in this educational compound is the performance opportunity. We organise our student concerts in suitable listed buildings. In that sense, students are motivated to play and inspired by all their surroundings. The performances are recorded professionally with three high definition cameras to guarantee the quality of these portfolio videos. The recordings can then be used to enhance a school application, to criticise during the lesson with their teachers or to send to relatives abroad. 

Our signature approach constitutes the complete way to absorb everything that music has to give us.  Come to WKMT and enjoy the pleasure of being immersed in the world of classical music and piano performance.

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PIano lessons London

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