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Prenatal Paternity

Prenatal Paternity

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About Prenatal Paternity

Prenatal Paternity with DNA Diagnostics Centre (DDC) can determine paternity before the baby is born. Test Options are non invasive prenatal DNA paternity testing or amniocentesis or CVS sampling.

Non Invasive Prenatal DNA Paternity is the safest option for both mother and child. Recent scientific developments have enabled pregnant mothers to confirm paternity through a blood sample from both the mother and the alleged father. The child’s DNA can be extracted from the mother's blood. Once a genetic profile has been produced for the child this can be analysed against the alleged father’s blood sample producing an accuracy level of 99.9%.

The other option is a prenatal test with Amniocentesis or CVS samples. This can be carried out by extracting fetal tissue (cells) via an amniocentesis or CVS sample depending on the stage of pregnancy and this is usually performed by an obstetrician or gynaecologist. Once sample has been collected they can be analysed against the alleged father’s cheek swab and will produce accurate paternity results but there is a small risk of miscarriage with this procedure.

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