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About Private Number Plates

Looking to add a personal touch to your car? Then consider investing in a private number plate. Auto Trader has teamed up with a number of leading personalised number plate dealers to help you find the perfect letter and number combination for your car. What’s more, not only can Auto Trader help you locate your dream plates, our team of experts can also guide you through the purchasing and registration process and advise you on any rules and regulations you may need to be aware of. Put simply, at Auto Trader, we offer:

  • The biggest choice of personalised plates: Through our partners, we let you search through tens of millions of possible registration plates, giving you the chance to find the perfect combination.
  • The best advice: Visit the Auto Trader website to learn the answers to the most-frequently asked questions about persoanlised number plates, or speak with any of our small network of chosen providers to learn more about the registration and purchasing process.
  • The best prices: Our trusted network of suppliers not only offer you the biggest choice of private plates, they also offer the best value. Zero per cent finance is available on most plates and free valuations are also available if you have a plate to sell.

Visit our website to begin your search for the perfect personalised plate or just to learn more about private car registrations.

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