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Rotae Technology Ltd

Rotae Technology Ltd

29 Marsh Meadow Close,
United Kingdom,


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About Rotae Technology Ltd

Rotae-Technology Ltd (Rotae) is a start up founded in 2020 by Matthew Breeze and Karl Haycock whose aim is to create innovative tools for the cycling industry.

Karl and Matt have gained their engineering experience in industry and with Rotae now aim to apply these skills with the life long passion of bikes.

Rotae doesn't just stop with the cycling? industry, we are actively developing tools for paraplegics with the aim of making life easier and empowing people to perform service tasks on their mobiity equipment.

Rotae doesn't just stand for innovation, it also stands for sustainabiity and community, we aim to embed these values in everything we do, giving back to the cyclist community as much as we can.


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