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Stoney CNC

Stoney CNC

DCU Innovation Campus,

D11K XN4

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About Stoney CNC

StoneyCNC provides a range of CNC routing machines and CNC milling machines. We offer a combination of OEM supplied systems as well as our own range of machines.

We also offer a range of retrofit and consultancy services for CNC systems. We have an acute focus on customer service and after sale support. All of the systems we offer are vetted and tested and perform to the highest standards in that products class.

We install machines on a weekly basis most of the year on the UK mainland. We also have a large network of UK clients who have our range of machines. We can facilitate demos in the UK directly, when mobile, or via our existing client base.

If you would like to see a machine working, no problem, please give us a call / drop us an email and we will discuss your project further. Stoney CNC supply high performance CNC Milling Machines.

View our huge range of CNC Machines available online!

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