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Stuart Brewer

Stuart Brewer

Fishleigh Court,
Roundswell, Barnstaple,

EX31 3UD

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About Stuart Brewer

I am a retirement advice specialist from Barnstaple focusing on pension planning and at retirement planning including Investments, Annuities, Drawdown contracts and 3rd way contracts.   I am an independent Financial Adviser working with Lyn Financial Services based in North Devon. Lyn FS has offices in Barnstaple, Lynton, Minehaead and Taunton. I have been giving advice to private and corporate clients for over 20 years.  

Your Future. My Priority.

The “at retirement” market is a huge concern for the UK. The wave of baby boomers approaching retirement is looming and growing day by day. The vast majority of these people will be faced with the situation where a large envelope from their pension company lands on their doormat. This envelope will contain offers of income choices for retirement. To the average person on the street, this is a huge decision to make. Probably the biggest they will ever make in my opinion. 

Do you chose the highest income or do you opt for security for your dependants? Do you know you can use your “open market option” to seek a better deal? Are you in poor health? Do you smoke? Is an annuity even the best option for you? Should you take your tax free cash? - So many options.

The service that I offer is to map out your choices for you and tie them in with your personal circumstances so that you can make the right decision knowing all the facts.

I firmly believe that I can help you in making the best decision for you, and your family.


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