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About Tankuam

Tankuam is a vertical search engine for the classifieds industry
allowing the users to search used cars, houses for rent, and jobs from several websites all over UK.

Tankuam tries to present the best possible answers to the user with a minimum of search and navigation.

Currently, seems that some classifieds search engines are returning to the past in terms of user interface, forcing users to create more page views than necessary to find what they were looking for. It was from this point of view that Filipe Vieira created Tankuam.

Tankuam is currently serving from its index ~1 million of advertisements of jobs, houses and cars from all over UK. From that index its possible to extract some paterns and compile some data.

For instance, in the jobs sector there is more demand in the sectors of education, health, engineering and information technology.

In the cars category the most second hand selled cars are the brands Ford, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Nissan.
Its planned to develop more classifieds serch engines to other countries including Italy, Mexico, Germany, France, Ireland, Australia,
Netherlands, Peru, Philippines, South Africa, Venezuela.

For website owners / webmasters its free to publish the ads. No type of fee will be charged.

Its only necessary to indicate (via contact form at were the XML feeds can be found they will be fetched in a daily basis

Products / Services

used cars

- houses for rent london - senior manger - jobs london - used vauxhall - rent flat - prices vauxhall corsa hatchback - Heathrow airport manager - Senior php developer london - Barclaycard northampton manager

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