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About The AnswerBank

The AnswerBank is the friendly and vibrant question and answers site where your knowledge counts.

With over 120 categories The AnswerBank has almost every topic covered. Whether it's help with crossword solutions, computer issues and even law we're happy to help!

Because it's real people answering your questions The AnswerBank can fill the gaps other sites can't.

We're UK based with a great community atmosphere.

Why Join The AnswerBank?

  • Real People With Real Experience Answering Your Questions
  • Huge archive running back to 2001
  • Fun and Free Community
  • Quiz and Crossword Solutions
  • Stay Up To Date With News and Entertainment
  • Share Your Own Knowledge and Experiences and Help Other People
  • Huge Range of Subjects to Choose From

Quizzes and Puzzles – for when you just can’t quite get the last answer in the crossword

One of The AnswerBank's strengths is our quizzes and puzzles community. We are one of the best places online to get quiz, puzzle and crossword answers from real people. You can ask outright for a solution - or just ask for a gentle nudge in the right direction. The AnswerBank is also a great place to find new quizzes crosswords and puzzles - or if you're a quiz complier you may be interested in sharing your charity quiz for free!

Body & Soul – the home is where the heart is.

Our Body and Soul section is there to help you with physical ailments and problems of the heart. With Health & Fitness you can find anecdotal medical advice and Weight-loss & Dieting you can join our online slimming club. If you're looking for a chat or some serious advice the AnswerBank does both. “A problem shared is a problem halved” and you will be surprised to learn just how many people out there have been in the same position and can offer you free, caring advice about almost any situation.

Music – what was that tune you heard on the TV?

Heard some music on TV or the Radio and just can’t seem to place it? Then ask our members and you are sure to get not only an answer, but probably a link to a You Tube video and another to a place to buy the CD, album or mp3! Alternatively, share your favourite tunes and artists and find out what our other members like, you may just discover something you have never heard before.

Media & TV – want to gossip about the latest reality TV, soap or documentary?

Head over to the Media & TV section for celebrity gossip, and discussions about film, radio and TV. We even have a dedicated Reality TV section for lovers of shows like X Factor, Big Brother or Strictly. Share your favourite clips or find out what other people think of the programmes you love.

Sport – come on you blues/reds/yellows!

No question and answer site would be complete without a section devoted to Sport; whether you are a fan of the rugby, football or boxing we have dedicated sections just for you as well as for all sorts of other sporting activities. This is the place to be on a Saturday afternoon when the results roll in for discussions and match critiques.

News – need some highbrow and interesting debate?

If you want to comment on the latest news stories or highlight a story that has caught your eye then this is the section for you. Discussions can often get heated as opinions can vary widely.

Chatterbank – fancy a casual chat and some socialising?

This is where most of the “personality” of The AnswerBank comes to the fore. It’s like being in the pub with hundreds of mates and discussing the world and his wardrobe. Everything is up for grabs from the most recent news items to the best movie lines of all time and the discussions are wide and free ranging; if you are looking for some late night entertainment then Chatterbank is the place for you.

There is so much more going on that these few highlighted categories such as our expert Genealogy section, the useful and realistic advice doled out in Jobs & Education topic or just the excellent recipes and dining advice rustled up in our Food & Drink section.

So whatever you are looking for, join the lively community at The AnswerBank and have all your questions answered.

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