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About The Dog Wizard

I am an experienced dog trainer and behaviourist based in Wigan, offering a comprehensive range of training services for dogs and puppies of all ages.

If your dog is exhibiting unwanted behaviours, I can provide specialised training to help your pet overcome these issues. My Dog Aggression, Reactivity and Separation Anxiety packages are designed to help dogs curb problematic behaviours and grow into happy, loyal companions!

I also offer Basic and Premium Obedience packages to help dogs learn the basics such as lead walking and recall. The Premium package even covers show-stopping tricks that are sure to turn heads at the park! 

As a scentwork training specialist, I can work with dogs of all ages to hone their natural sense of smell and learn to retrieve specific objects by scent. This is a fun, rewarding activity for dogs and owners alike! Your dog can learn to master scentwork with the same training methods used with police and security dogs! 

If you are based in Wigan or the surrounding area and would like to learn more about my dog training service, please call 07926 911825.

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