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About UK Shopfittings

Here at UK Shop Fittings Ltd we specialise in all types of shopfitting equipment and supplies including Slatwall Panels & Inserts, Slatwall Accessories, Shop Counters, Display Units, Acrylic Displays and many more. We are a specialist supplier with many years experience in the industry.

It’s why UK Shopfittings Ltd is here. We understand the many factors a retailer has to consider to produce an attractive and productive space for buyers and employees. There is no one-stop solution in this arena.

Every environment is going to need a set of suitable fixtures dependent on size, space, display product, ceiling height, etc. You may need shelves, racks, glass counters or a cable and rod system. There could be a need for shop fittings that can be secured, protecting goods or for safety measures. The type and placement of fittings is a critical component of the store’s ambience. Studies have shown a store’s appearance can be influential in not only getting customers to walk in, but can encourage impulse buys. 

We also offer highly competitive prices, for further details please contact us on 01704 565341 or 0800 2707615.

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